lux Channel i Super Star 2007' Mim

After going through days of hard work and different levels of talent analysis, Bidya Sinha Saha Mim won the crest of beauty; she became LUX Channel I Super Star 2008.

To Mim LCSS has given her the best opportunity of being loved by the people of Bangladesh. For LCSS her life has completely changed. It has given her self actualization and pleasure of working with the famous and brilliant personalities of Bangladeshi media industry. This talented star believes that every girl has something special and incredible talents in her and LCSS gives them a wonderful opportunity to prove their talents in front of the nation and as well as in front of the world.

Little Miss Sunshine

Mim in person is a very simple city girl who has spent her childhood in Bhola. Mim enjoys her leisure by listening to good music or enjoying interesting books most of the time. She is very keen on chit chatting with her friends. Her special interest is in gardening. Not only this, she has participated in many national level competitions of singing during her schooling. The star of this star’s life is her father, whom she respects as her idol of life

MIM after 10 years

She sees herself as a successful actress and model in Bangladesh media in future. Also she has positioned herself with a good educational degree

MIM’s Wardrobe

Mim has a special corner for the traditional cloths of Bangladesh when it comes to the topic of her wardrobe. She says Salwar Kamiz is the most comfy cloths she can think of. Even though her favorite color is sky blue, red and black, but she is confident to pull any color to her convenience.

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